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Everyone has his/her personal choices about reading the contemporary content. The contemporary content is available in various forms such as novels, comics, journals, e-books, newspapers and magazines. However, recently a new form has been added to these. It is called blogs. This is catching up with the people like you and me. Often, bloggers are those people who, apart from contributing in the aforementioned forms of content, also have their own website where they directly address the audience on a regular basis.
They write, most of the times, from the personal experiences that their lives throw at them. Often a single event proves to be a life-changing event (such as, a person who witnessed the fall of the World Trade Centre/Twin Towers or a person who went from rags to riches and as a result, underwent huge transformation) and thus, the journey of assessing the experiences and sharing them with a larger set of audience starts. For example, as I shared in my previous entry that ther…

Three Aims That Keep Me Motivated

There are several aims and objectives that keep me motivated throughout the day; for example, to spend quality time with my kids and to excel in my profession. However, there are three core or major or basic aims in my life. These are not very special or out-of-the-box aims. These are very common aims. However, these aims give me power to do extremely well in all areas of my life such as professional, personal, financial and, of course, spiritual.
These aims are as follows:
To add value in the lives of those who look for substantial thoughts, which help them excel in their livesTo make my parents feel proud of me To set good example in front of young generation in my family and, of course, in society
For more than ten years now, these aims have navigated my life. As I mentioned in one of my previous bloposts [Mahatma Gandhi, as I Appreciate the Man] about my preparation for the prestigious civil services examination, I thought that I would achieve all these aims in …


This is a blog that I wrote for some other website ( around two years ago. 

JOB SEEKERS24-01-2010  |  PAWAN GARG These days they come in plenty. They are just awaiting the best perspective employer who could put them to best utilization. They come with only condition that if they are misused, overused, inappropriately used, or are left unused they will not only leave the employer without any prior notice, but they may also inflict damage or harm to the employer. However, it is said about them by the experts and those who are running job stations successfully that they are the best job seekers and will prove to be the best employees once given a chance.  According to the experts and promoters, these job seekers have many attractions. First and foremost is that these job seekers come free of cost. The employer does not have to pay ev…

The Evil Practice of Honour Killing

The number of the cases related to the act of “honour killing” has gone up. There are many instances when the matter had been investigated by the police and the guilty have been sentenced to death after a court case. The recent news was reported from a village in Mathura, UP. However, the region of northern India, especially the states of Punjab, Haryana and UP, has been reported to have maximum number of the cases of “honour killing”. 
What is “honour killing”?
The families, rather the village communities, chose their “honour” over an “individual” in any case of inter-caste love affair/marriage. They deem it fit that this act of falling in love with a boy or girl of the other caste is “dishonouring”. Thus, the villagers are pushed to take the extreme step of not only separating the love birds, but also punishing them for their conduct, sometimes even by publicly killing them for the sake of honour.
What irritates the villagers?
The exact factors that irritate the villagers could be ma…

Mahatma Gandhi, as I Appreciate the Man

Since today it’s Gandhi Jayanti, all newspapers and news channels have been displaying content on Mahatma Gandhi’s life, his thoughts and the messages he gave to the world on the various matters that directly or indirectly influence the human life. The write ups of several senior journalists, editors and experts on Gandhian thoughts are stimulating enough for me to attempt to conjure up and present my thoughts about this great man.
I was in school when I first read about Gandhi. Just like the rest of my friends in class, I was more concerned about scoring well-enough marks in my exams rather than ‘actually’ understanding the messages of Mahatma Gandhi. Appreciating his philosophy behind the call for Non-violence and Satyagraha was an uphill task for almost all of us, then. However, I used to feel ‘something’ whenever, on the occasions of Gandhi Jayanti and the Independence-Day function, our chief guests and principal used to praise the deeds of Mahatma Gandhi. Those school functions a…

Who Guides Anna Hazare?

Recently, Anna Hazare has become an icon. He has the history of going on hunger strike for more than 10 times. Anna hails from a small village in Maharashtra. However, due to his movement in support of “Janlokpal Bill”, he has come to the limelight. At present, he is carrying on a hunger strike at the famous Ramlila Ground in New Delhi. Before giving a call for the hunger strike for the implementation of “Janlokpal Bill”, Anna and his core team, which comprises some reputed advocates, social activists and a retired IPS officer, have participated in the Joint Drafting Committee of the government-sponsored Lokpal Bill, which has been recently presented in the Parliament for further discussion.

However, Anna considers that the Lokpal Bill presented for the discussion in the Parliament as “weak” and says that it does not have “essential ingredients”, which will establish a “strong” Lokpal in the country. Due to such differences, Anna gave a call for a hunger strike, which was started on 1…

Sorry Aarushi

With what has happened recently in the Aarushi murder case, I can only say, "Sorry Aarushi." When the makers of the Constitution of India, or the Government of India, in past, would have decided to establish the chief investigating agency of this country, the Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI], they would not have thought that one day, its acts would bring shame on them and it would, ultimately, become an agency that would victimize those who would come to take its shelter. Actually, this is exactly what has happened in the Aarushi murder case. Late Aarushi was a bright and loved child of her parents. They had attached many hopes on her. However, as it was predestined, Aarushi was sexually abused and then killed. The responsibility of finding out her killer was handed over to the CBI.

After taking enough time, today, the CBI says that it has failed in finding out and identifying Aarushi’s killer. Had it kept the probe in this case on, it would have been fine, as the socie…