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Sorry Aarushi

With what has happened recently in the Aarushi murder case, I can only say, "Sorry Aarushi." When the makers of the Constitution of India, or the Government of India, in past, would have decided to establish the chief investigating agency of this country, the Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI], they would not have thought that one day, its acts would bring shame on them and it would, ultimately, become an agency that would victimize those who would come to take its shelter. Actually, this is exactly what has happened in the Aarushi murder case. Late Aarushi was a bright and loved child of her parents. They had attached many hopes on her. However, as it was predestined, Aarushi was sexually abused and then killed. The responsibility of finding out her killer was handed over to the CBI.

After taking enough time, today, the CBI says that it has failed in finding out and identifying Aarushi’s killer. Had it kept the probe in this case on, it would have been fine, as the socie…