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Mahatma Gandhi, as I Appreciate the Man

Since today it’s Gandhi Jayanti, all newspapers and news channels have been displaying content on Mahatma Gandhi’s life, his thoughts and the messages he gave to the world on the various matters that directly or indirectly influence the human life. The write ups of several senior journalists, editors and experts on Gandhian thoughts are stimulating enough for me to attempt to conjure up and present my thoughts about this great man.
I was in school when I first read about Gandhi. Just like the rest of my friends in class, I was more concerned about scoring well-enough marks in my exams rather than ‘actually’ understanding the messages of Mahatma Gandhi. Appreciating his philosophy behind the call for Non-violence and Satyagraha was an uphill task for almost all of us, then. However, I used to feel ‘something’ whenever, on the occasions of Gandhi Jayanti and the Independence-Day function, our chief guests and principal used to praise the deeds of Mahatma Gandhi. Those school functions a…