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This is a blog that I wrote for some other website ( around two years ago. 

JOB SEEKERS24-01-2010  |  PAWAN GARG These days they come in plenty. They are just awaiting the best perspective employer who could put them to best utilization. They come with only condition that if they are misused, overused, inappropriately used, or are left unused they will not only leave the employer without any prior notice, but they may also inflict damage or harm to the employer. However, it is said about them by the experts and those who are running job stations successfully that they are the best job seekers and will prove to be the best employees once given a chance.  According to the experts and promoters, these job seekers have many attractions. First and foremost is that these job seekers come free of cost. The employer does not have to pay ev…

The Evil Practice of Honour Killing

The number of the cases related to the act of “honour killing” has gone up. There are many instances when the matter had been investigated by the police and the guilty have been sentenced to death after a court case. The recent news was reported from a village in Mathura, UP. However, the region of northern India, especially the states of Punjab, Haryana and UP, has been reported to have maximum number of the cases of “honour killing”. 
What is “honour killing”?
The families, rather the village communities, chose their “honour” over an “individual” in any case of inter-caste love affair/marriage. They deem it fit that this act of falling in love with a boy or girl of the other caste is “dishonouring”. Thus, the villagers are pushed to take the extreme step of not only separating the love birds, but also punishing them for their conduct, sometimes even by publicly killing them for the sake of honour.
What irritates the villagers?
The exact factors that irritate the villagers could be ma…