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Three Stages in the Process of Writing

Writing is the process of presenting or expressing the thoughts in black and white. Writing emanates from thoughts. Better the thoughts, better the writing. Thus, the whole emphasis of the process of writing is on the thoughts, which go through the following three main stages in order to be expressed in a written format:
Selecting the thought for writingProcessing the thought for writingProducing / expressing the thought in the written format in the form of book, blog or newspaper, etc.
While there are unlimited possibilities for the completion of the third stage, as there are several publishing houses and editors to help a writer to harness the best publishing possibilities, it is the realm of the first two stages in which the author has to mainly depend on his intuition, hard work and time.
Selection of a thought: Thousands of thoughts rest in our mind. Some of them are active thoughts and some of them are inactive thoughts. The author has to select a particular th…

Reading Induces Further Reading

As I shared with you all that I have been reading a lot these days. That’s why I find no time to write. However, today I have taken out some time to share something interesting about “reading” with you all. As the experiences vary from individual to individual, my experience about reading is totally mine; readers may hold opinion other than my experience. That’s totally fine with me.
I start with the assertion that “reading induces further reading”.It is just like a chain reaction, i.e. once it starts, it’s hard to control given the fact that you are not reading to pass or qualify any examination or write a written paper/test. Here, we are talking about the reading as a hobby, where an individual has a strong urge to read book of certain specific theme(s) or topic(s) of his or her interest.

Let us prove the assertion under the two conditions that emerge after you finish reading a book. The first condition is that you feel satisfied after you finish reading the book on a certain theme by…