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Features of Good Topic

What is a good topic? Beginners often find themselves engaged in trying to answer this question correctly and exactly, discussing it in a group of fellow writers and experts. This of course is an important question to answer, for an exact answer will help them create the good piece of writing and subsequently, it will create immense value for the readers.
It is always wise to take a step towards the answer, i.e., to explore the solution of the problem you are dealing with. Hence, it is always good to define the basic features of the problem, i.e., the features of the good topic, so that it breaks up into several pieces. Then it is easy to deal with each of these pieces and make a surge in tilting the struggle towards ourselves. Hence, it is good to jot down a couple of basic features, which can be possibly applied to every kind of writing, and see the question ‘what is a good topic?’ through them, and witness that the identification of the good topic becomes easier.
Some of the basic …

Elevate to Next Level

There is this big realization. It is not only about myself, but also about the people like you. Those who are ready to don their thinking cap and want to engage with their lives in a better way; people like you who really want to get the full value of their birth and want to accomplish the mission with which they have born; those who think that they can add huge value to not only their, but others' lives as well.

I work with my inner voice every day, for my everyday growth as a human being. I try and don my thinking cap and think, some times I enter into a denser ambiance of thinking. That I think is a good sign; looking at my current situation, I would welcome it, and would like to do that almost every time. 

I think I have started engaging into ''thinking and getting better'' game with my life. 

Now let's talk about the realization. The realization is that we have passed through the first level of getting better, together. That brings us to its conclusion; howev…

Data, and love with it

The absolutely right understanding of the life you have lived till now is the most important factor in living a better life then you present life. Such an understanding powers the thoughts to direct the present life. I think life is just like a river. 

Now the question is how to get such an understanding. I can suggest a simple and most basic way to do that. You need to recall the major events of your life and analyse them for extracting an understanding, learning, experience and value from them. Similarly, if possible, you can also recall those minor events of your life that led to the happening of major events. In this way, you can create an understanding and that would led to a greater understanding. 

When you will examine the life events, you will collect lot of data. This will be something like the more information about people, places, objects, and situations that played major or minor roles in your life. This data is important for taking a stock of your life. 

The major question(s…

Inner voice’s purpose

As far as my understanding of inner voice is considered, it is there to answer the deeper questions such as why am I born, what is the mission I have to accomplish at the earth, etc. Although for our own convenience, we engage it to answer the mundane everyday questions such as will he/she be the right person in my life for marriage, or will this job or business prove better for me and take my life to the next level, etc. though such questions become important for a person at given situations and times. However, the everyday engagement of the inner voice to answer such questions is a mistake for me. In fact, I myself have been a person, for a long time now, who has indulged in such a misuse of the inner voice.
Thus, there is a big realization and learning about the inner voice. Just as if we will appoint somebody for accomplishing a certain task of his/her capability, and will not just assign him/her the assignments falling short of his/her capacity, we should not use the massive power…


There is a great conditioning on what you are expected to be at a particular place. For example, at the workplace, there are certain expectations from you and thus all your actions and behaviour are directed by or are influenced by your role in the organization. This may result in you developing your vision are per the demand of the job. This cannot be taken as the personalized vision, which could be as different or great as writing a book or working for a social cause or raising your voice against corruption. This kind of vision setting, dependent vision or limited vision, is not preferred by the inner voice. Instead there is a better suggestion. First, you create your own vision or purpose of life, then see who all have a similar vision or purpose, and then find ways to get associated with them or if there is some space with you, associate them with yourself. Then the magic will happen. The spirit will augment and this will make life more than interesting and engaging. For example, …


I have experienced that when a person takes up a cause and takes steps to proceed on the chosen path, he exposes himself to tests. These are the tests presented by the destiny. These are tests of a different and higher level. It is just like a person moving in the opposite direction of the wind flow. The force is too much to resist. And there are so many mental and behavioral changes that are automatically invited and invented when a path is chosen. For example, I have chosen the path of engaging with my inner voice on daily basis. Since I am proceeding on this path, I am also facing the resistance. I am getting busier than ever in my job responsibilities. At home I come all tired up. And I find my kids unusually active when I return from office these days. They and young and thus have so much attachment with me as far as their small-small wishes are concerned, the things which their mother, my wife, cannot do: such as a ride, or a long drive, on a bike.
This becomes harder to handle w…

Inner Voice on Spirits

A non-spirited life is not what is suggested by the inner voice. The inner voice suggests us to live a spirited life. A spirited life is a fulfilling, important, valuable and happy life. It is an abundant life. It is a life that has additional spirits that can be shared with others. It is life that spreads spirited feelings. A spirited person makes others more spirited than they are. Those who come in contact of a spirited person are generally happy people.
Thus, it is important that we identify our spirits and live up to them. Live a fulfilling life and abundant life. For example, if you love the company of friends, or travel, make sure you do that activity regularly to be happy and in spirits.


When under the influence of the inner voice, it is certain that you will face trials. These will not be the trials of this level. These will be trials of a different, higher level. The establishment of connection, the happening of communication, the receiving of message, the happiness or more happiness after the message is received, the right interpretation of message, and then implementation of the message or the action based on or guided by the message from the inner voice: these are just a few examples of trials that you will face in this case. In addition, the bigger trial will be that of the timely devotion of right amount of time to attend to the inner voice, at right time, right place, etc.
But these will just vanish when you will be determined. The inner voice will have to show up and meet you, connect with you, give you a pure, inspired, and wise guidance whenever you will show respect and determination to its presence. It is just like two persons badly in love with each othe…

For Listening Inner Voice

These days there is a huge emphasis on improving listening skills. It a common practice that when you are in conversation with somebody, it is essential that you listen that person very carefully. Otherwise the message is lost and the end result may not be what was intended during the conversation.
Same is the case with the inner voice. When you attend the conversation with the inner voice, the most important thing is that there should be a strong connect with it. This is impossible if there is not careful listening from your end. Since the careful listening is the solution, the listening atmosphere should be clear.
It is important that the place where you halt, sit for making a connection with the inner voice, should be clear of disturbances such as noise, people and objects. Although when you have practiced a lot and become a sort of expert in this task, all these factors will not matter at all. But to start with, it is important to establish physical clarity to establish a strong co…

We Present Hurdles

What happens when you are set to go to meet a very important person. He/she could be your boss, girlfriend, boyfriend, a visit for a job interview, examination, etc. When it is important, then it important. Factors such as hot/cold weather, traffic jam, long drive, hunger, meeting with any other person, etc., just do not matter in such a case. Since the importance of the meeting with an important person is important, the rest of factors just melt away. The will to visit and meet that person is the only power that fuels you and takes you to meet him/her. 

Same is the case when it comes to meeting or communicating with the higher self that sits within each one of us. This higher self is wiser, smarter, more intelligent than what we are. It is available for the meeting at a very short notice and almost every time. The hurdles that we just mentioned do not exist for the higher self. It is always ourselves to blame for thinking of such obstacles and holding ourselves back from such an event…

Inner Voice: Immediate Issues of Life

Everyone has short and long term goals in his/her life. These goals may be to get thin, to earn and save lot of money, to have a beautiful girlfriend or a handsome boyfriend, to own a luxury car, etc.

Among all such mundane goals, there seems no requirement of interference of the inner voice of an individual. However, if you are under the spell of your inner voice, just like me, I advise you to arrange your goals. These can be fundamentally organised into short term goals and long term goals. 

On the basis of such a self-made arrangement, start focusing on your inner voice. Ask common and specialized questions to your inner voice about each of your desires. As I have got, you will also get some answers; some questions may not be answered at this point of time. It is a must-believe situation. Without trusting the inner voice, there is no other choice in such cases. Hence such an arrangement. 

A better way to deal with such a situation is to focus on your immediate, most important, urgent …

Writing Cycle

Since these days I am under the immense influence of my inner voice, here is another gift from it for all the writers, beginners, stragglers, accomplished ones. I consider my inner voice having a source that is much wiser than me, much better thinker than me and much better advocate of these good thoughts than me. It sends me messages that are more convincing than what I think about a matter. 

While I was contemplating over the topic of this article, I was suddenly guided, by my inner voice, to write about writing. But I did not get enough time to write on a particular topic I had thought about to write. Then there was an idea put silently on my table by my inner voice. "Why not I write about time that a reasonably good (self-satisfying) article requires to complete," was what this idea said to me. 

I thought that such a satisfaction depends on the stage at which the write is; beginning, middle, accomplished, etc. and, if for that matter, we think that the writer is at the beg…


Empowerment is a change, an idea; a transformation from a low or powerless state to a high or powerful state of a person. At the core of it, it happens more at a mental level and thereafter at the physical level. Individuals, institutions, organizations, groups, NGOs, and governments endorse this idea of empowerment of the less privileged people and sections of the society to bring them to the status at par with the powerful people of the society.
The examples such as the following best symbolize empowerment:
A person donates his eyes and after his death, his eyes are planted to a blind person, who gets the power of sight; second, the banks offer micro loans to the poor and small farmers and the latter are able to not only earn their livelihood but also earn profit on what crop they produce.

The First Discovery

Since Writing about Writing plan is on, it is the time to make discoveries. This to me is the time to set my aim, goal, purpose, etc. Today I asked my inner voice: what should be my first aim when I do writing about writing experiments? The answer was simple: create demand for your writing. That to me is to write on some general topics, so that readers, writers (beginners/accomplished) should be able to see what I write. What they now see are the conversations between me and my inner voice. These conversations could be irrelevant to most of the readers and writers. These are not the things that one would like to keep in the display window.


This is an important discovery. I need to write on some general topics. These could be the topics on which writings are either available, or expected. Simple, when the readers and writers will have a chance to see my writing, and compare it with theirs' / others, instead of reading my internal conversations, then only I, as well as they, w…

Writing about Writing

At times, there is no valuable surface level thought in mind. It is as if, all thoughts are on a vacation. I sit like a lonely person in the room, thoughtless. I think I should prepare for such an emergency in the future. Today, I asked this question to myself. I asked, what should I do in such a situation? I got the answer right away. That was my inner voice once again. 

The answer was to explore my experiences and learnings in the process of writing, i.e., what I learned, and am still learning, to hone the skill of writing, relive those moments of my experiments with whatever limited knowledge I have gathered in my journey as a blogger, as it would not be correct to call myself a writer at present (being honest, etc). 

Why should I do that was my question to myself. Once again, my inner voice replied, 'I should do such a task, of writing about writing, to dig deeper within, learn more from my experiences, correct myself, give myself to better and modern resources of learning the a…

Tip of the Iceberg

These days I am feeling this new alert system inside me. When I wake up in the morning, somebody calls me from within and says, 'you have to write a blog today'. Then I respond to this voice with a smile. I know that's my inner voice. I respect it, and almost automatically find some quality time during the day to write a blog. 

This I think it is just the tip of the iceberg. Some big, massive, holistic, interesting, and from deep within is due to come in few days' time. Even I don't know its nature, length, plot, or topic. But I do feel pregnant with possibilities. And that to me is an enormous change; welcome change; and what not.

Why am I so Fascinated by the Buddha?

There may have been several men like him but he is the only one of his kind. This is the fact I like the most about him. He had all that was possible in those days; the Royal family, superbest food, best education, girls, a beautiful wife, a lovable son, the most powerful in-laws, and what not. Yet there was a burning sensation that did not leave him when he came across poverty, disease, and death. Such was the purity of his mind. And so great was his determination that when he decided to find the truth of life, he very-very easily left all that he had, behind, and moved on. He graduated. He smiled at it and went away. He was attached to all that he had, and only because of this reason, he showed, and probably set the first ever example in the history of mankind the example of detached attachment. It means, when the right moment arrives, you should be easily able to move on, leaving what you have behind you. Peacefully. Unperturbed. In wisdom. Despite knowing that your act will cause …

Discovery of My Voice

A couple of months ago, I read a sermon by Osho. He had talked about the original voice within you. According to him our job is to find our original voice and sing our song aloud. Our job is not to die with our music still inside us, for it will be a useless life then.

What he meant to say is as follows:

When we are born, we are most influenced by our parents, especially by our mother. So when we grow up, the voice of our mother remains with us and most of the time we speak our mother's voice. This voice leads us to feel the fear and the negative aspects of challenges the life throws at us. For example, when we enter in a new business, we do feel what if we fail in our attempt. That's mother's voice, which always intends to provide unconditional love and care. The next dominant voice is that of our father. This voice empowers us to accept a new challenge and overcome it, prove our mettle (for example, write that medical/engineering entrance exam). 

The next voice that influen…

Theme Clarity

Initially I started writing about political topics. Then I also included the economic and foreign affair topics. Then my attention shifted to the individuals who had mass following, such as Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev. Gradually I realized that these themes don’t go well with me. This was the first increase in my understanding about what I wanted to write about. In addition, I also witnessed that I needed to follow daily news to actually write about such themes. That meant, I needed to be judgmental in my writing. The force was outside me, not within me. It is the force on which my writing nurtures, sustains, grows. Writing on such themes was not coming naturally to me and for every write up I had to look a newspaper. This of course was, and still is, a challenge for me. This clarity about theme guided me to easily drop the theme itself.
Now the question was what to write about. I came up with an idea of writing about writing. Thus I started to write about essay writing. I realized tha…

Stable and Unstable Aspects

Since I have written about life, I would like to do it again. I have written that there are four aspects or dimensions of life: physical, financial, social and spiritual. These combine together to make holistic life. 

Thinking about my thoughts, going deeper into what I have thought previously, has now become my passion. And thus this revision. Now I see that there are tow aspects that influence all these surface level dimensions of our life. These are: stable and unstable forces. This means, our physical, financial, social and spiritual aspects are directed and determined by the forces of stability and instability. For example, if a person is fat today, and he remains more or less in the same shape next year, same day, then his physical situation would be considered stable. Another example: suppose a person earns fifty thousand rupees today in a month, and he earns the same amount next year same day, then he would be considered a person who has acquired financial stability. The same c…

Question-Answer Task

It is an interesting discovery with me. Although the process existed for so long a time, I remained oblivious of it. I pity myself for my limited knowledge. The interesting process that I have just discovered is that of examination, carrying out the question-answer task in every aspect of life. For example, Newton questioned: 'Why apple fell to the ground? Why did it not go upwards?' Thereafter he discovered the theory of gravity. Such is the importance of this task.

Many people have applied this task and gained lot of knowledge about themselves and others. Some of them have applied this task for the benefit of all human beings and the society/the civilized people. For example, the Buddha, who questioned what is truth, and restlessly worked till he found the truth of life. Thereafter he worked and traveled to spread his word, discovery.

Gandhi questioned the authority of the British rule in India. He worked not only for the independence but also for brotherhood and eradication o…

What changed about writing

When I was attracted towards writing, I thought I would make dollars from it. But gradually I realized this was too small a vision. If I would think more about dollars, I would not be even able to make rupees. Since I realize now that more you run for money, more it runs away from you; thus, you become more exhausted in your quest for money.

As my knowledge and awareness about writing increased, I realized that  instead of money, writing can be used as a great tool for self discovery and realization. When I confirmed this fact from the Internet resources, my believe on it became more consolidated. However, I did not get into confirming the same from the real life examples as this would have pulled me in some different direction. I also did not consider to acquire any serious learning from anybody's experiment with writing as I think that such an experience would be extremely personal and may or may not suit my situations. Thus, I saved my time and instead started my experiment with…


When in my high school, I was formally introduced to academic writing such as letter and essay writing. After I passed all my academic exams, my marriage with such formal writing was over. No more worries for writing and thinking for writing. But this love affair took its own course and separation was converted into a remarriage when I started preparing for the civil services. 

The pattern of the examination required every successful aspirant to pass an exam of essay writing. It was, and still is, a critical exam in deciding the merit of an individual. Therefore, when I prepared for it, I was serious in my preparation and attended formal coaching classes for essay writing. Although, once again my need to learn writing skills was motivated by the aim of passing an exam, I was conscious in my attempt and looked up several reference books for the same. 

In this way I was once again reintroduced to formal writing. Although I could not qualify my civil services exam, the love and respect for…


After I have decided that I have to find my purpose of life, I think it’s the time to initiate the process. As far as my limited knowledge goes, it can be done by examining all my thoughts and activities, and see which one of them facilitates my progress on the path, and which doesn’t. This identification and recognition will further allow me to make a decision about which behavioral practices to keep, which to discard, and which to start anew; for example, the hobby of writing. I think I started writing about five – six years ago. But I did not take this habit  very seriously. People told me if I could develop it and become a skilled writer, there is no dearth of money. Even then I did not devote myself to develop this skill.
I think everything has its appropriate time to happen. As I did not take this seriously before, I am doing so now. It of course is the moment of extreme happiness for me. I am going to do which I did not do till date. I am going to examine why I write, what I wa…

The purpose of the light

Yesterday, I realized that there is a dim light inside me. It has put me on the path of self realization and self discovery. I think the purpose of this light is very significant and visible to me. I also think that there is not just one purpose of this light; there are several purposes of it; its purpose is to fight and defeat the darkness within me, by darkness I mean to say I should know what all types of impurities I have and what are the ways through which I could release them and become permanently pure in my dealings with myself and others, in what I do and think and in what I intend to do; its purpose is to put me on the path of self discovery; its purpose is to help me find and proceed in a particular direction that takes me to the discovery of self; its purpose is to help me find a way, and if there is a wall on that way, I should make my a way through that wall with the light of self knowledge; its purpose is to make every day of life brighter and better; its purpose is to …

Why am I not going to give up?

I am not going to give up this time around. I have now actually identified the basic problem, i.e., inconsistency in making regular effort; be it a good effort or a bad effort, that doesn't matter. I should just write and that too every day. That would be then called a consistency in making regular effort.
I think this realization has its own beautiful story. I think this identification and recognition of a problem of the inconsistency in my professional/personal behavior is a symbol of a dim light inside me. In this light of self knowledge I have recognized this problem. Since the problem has been identified, soon I will also discover its solution.
This recognition of the presence of light inside me has now become a source of happiness for me; and thus this sharing; since I have been brought up in an environment in which it is said that sharing increases happiness and decreases sadness.
Hence this consistent and conscious effort of writing.

When I sit for writing a blog

I have experienced it so many a times. When I sit for writing a blog entry, I am stuck right at the beginning of the process. I just think of a suitable topic for the blog. That time spent in thinking about it takes it all and I am left with the lesser time to develop the write up.
On the spur of the train of first thought on the topics, I get the idea of writing about the current political happenings, writing skills, essay writing, self-help, motivation and inspiration and such other valuable topics. Then I tend to go a bit deeper in my thoughts and try to dig out the best in me.
Then enters the second train of thoughts; in this wave of thoughts I entertain the ideas such as social issues, women, children, poverty, charity, religion, karma, philosophy and influence of my thoughts on the society. That further makes me think more about the suitable topic instead of taking up one these several themes and starting the writing. By this much time I run out of steam.
I would not equate myself…

Two stages of life

There are two stages of life. Before we discuss these two stages, we have to have a right understanding about the “life.” Here we are discussing and talking about the “life,” which is meaningful; a life that has a purpose; a life that adds value and happiness to the lives of fellow humans. For example, the life of Mother Teresa or the Buddha. These are the lives that can be looked to as the role models. These great individuals added immense value to the lives of fellow humans. The Mother took care of poor and downtrodden and showered her unconditional love to whosoever went to her with an open heart. The Buddha was the master of maters; he handed us over the philosophy of life and made us aware of basic principles to live a meaningful life. Millions of people across the world are inspired by these two individuals; many try to follow their path.
However, it is not at all mandatory that you should orient your life only according to their lives. There are modern-day examples as well. We …