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Two stages of life

There are two stages of life. Before we discuss these two stages, we have to have a right understanding about the “life.” Here we are discussing and talking about the “life,” which is meaningful; a life that has a purpose; a life that adds value and happiness to the lives of fellow humans. For example, the life of Mother Teresa or the Buddha. These are the lives that can be looked to as the role models. These great individuals added immense value to the lives of fellow humans. The Mother took care of poor and downtrodden and showered her unconditional love to whosoever went to her with an open heart. The Buddha was the master of maters; he handed us over the philosophy of life and made us aware of basic principles to live a meaningful life. Millions of people across the world are inspired by these two individuals; many try to follow their path.
However, it is not at all mandatory that you should orient your life only according to their lives. There are modern-day examples as well. We …