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Who Guides Anna Hazare?

Recently, Anna Hazare has become an icon. He has the history of going on hunger strike for more than 10 times. Anna hails from a small village in Maharashtra. However, due to his movement in support of “Janlokpal Bill”, he has come to the limelight. At present, he is carrying on a hunger strike at the famous Ramlila Ground in New Delhi. Before giving a call for the hunger strike for the implementation of “Janlokpal Bill”, Anna and his core team, which comprises some reputed advocates, social activists and a retired IPS officer, have participated in the Joint Drafting Committee of the government-sponsored Lokpal Bill, which has been recently presented in the Parliament for further discussion.

However, Anna considers that the Lokpal Bill presented for the discussion in the Parliament as “weak” and says that it does not have “essential ingredients”, which will establish a “strong” Lokpal in the country. Due to such differences, Anna gave a call for a hunger strike, which was started on 1…