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Transformation is going on

Yes! The much needed transformation is going on over here. I am not surprising you all. Rather I am reading a lot to actually write a lot later. This is what I call a transformation. Just like, you eat food [veg. or non veg.], but your body makes blood out of that. That is transformation. So this is my future plan. 

Thanks for having patience.

Soon this wait would be over.

Announcing a Withdrawal

It is to inform the readers that the sociopolitical blog entries on this blog will be withdrawn within next 24 to 48 hours. The author understands that these entries have a short life and are now due for withdrawal. The step of withdrawal also validates a point that the sociopolitical entries are highly judgmental in nature, i.e. either they praise someone or some system or criticize the same. In such cases, readers may either associate with what has been written or may hold a different or opposite viewpoint. Thus, these kind of entries give rise to a divide in the readership. Considering these implications, the author has decided to withdraw such entries and concentrate on the creation of self-help content.
In the new scenario, the future content and blog entries will discuss the various aspects of the sphere of the self-help. The future blog entries will highlight the topics of ideas, abstract writing, motivation, inspiration, belief system, behaviour, religion and philosophy.
The aut…

If there were Wells of Inspiration…

Imagine a town where there are as many wells of inspiration as there are streets. Given this scenario, there would live a population, which will the most inspired breed among the fellow planet dwellers.
The people of the town will never face the shortage of inspiration. As and when they will consume the inspiration available in their homes, they will just run to the street well and have as much of it as they will require. The government of the town will also encourage this practice and keep the nearby area of each well neat and clean. It will protect the wells. There will be no tax on the inspiration being pumped out of the wells because the town is blessed with the unlimited source inspiration in the shape of wells. Also, due to 24-hour availability of inspiration, the people of the town will live the lives that will be “high on inspiration”. There will be numerous benefits of these inspiration wells.  
Alas! Such a town does not exist. Rather, such a town can exist only in the imagin…

Buddhism in Agriculture

Since the incident that we are going to discuss occurred in Nalanda, Bihar, a place related to Buddhism [there existed a Buddhist monastery and the biggest university in ancient India], it becomes an instance example to describe and understand what Buddha said thousands of years ago. For this, consider the following facts.
Fact 1. Buddha said that for everything, there is a “Middle Path.” There always exist two extremes for everything; for example happiness---sadness and excellence---novelty. He asked us to chose the Middle Path and keep the balance between the two extremes to achieve happiness [considered by some as greatness] in life.
Fact 2. In agriculture, there are two ways of producing crop. First is the traditional way, which has been practiced for thousands of years in every part of world. This is one of the two extremes of this business. Second is the scientific way of conducting the agricultural practices. This includes the use of hybrid seeds, scientific ways of planting pla…

How To Write About Ideas

According to the popular type of writing today, two prominent styles can be identified---first, writing about people and second, writing about ideas. For example, in the first category, one can count the following of my previous entries---Rahul Gandhi [Rahul Gandhi, a Godsend and an Angel and Rahul Gandhi Shoe Hurling Incident], Mahatma Gandhi [Mahatma Gandhi, as I Appreciate the Man], Anna Hazare [Who Guides Anna Hazare?], P. Chidambaram [P. Chidambaram and Rape in Delhi], P. J. Thomas [P. J. Thomas: A Critical Dismissal], former Pakistani President Musharraf [PAKISTAN: AN INTERFERING NATION], Baba Ram Dev [Delhi Police, With You, For You, Always to…], former Karnataka Chief Minister Mr. Yeddyurappa and former Libyan ruler Colonel Gaddafi [Libya and Karnataka] and Aarushi Talwar [Sorry Aarushi].

Simultaneously, regarding the ideas, one can consider the topic of motivation [Three Aims That Keep Me Motivated], which of course is a valuable concept and idea. It is the topic that is sear…