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Ayurveda is a system of medicine. It evolved in India several thousands of years ago, i.e., Atharva Veda mentions several diseases and their treatment. In around 7th century AD, the ayurvedic treatment system was formally organised and several classical books of this system were written. Today, the ayurvedic treatment is practiced by many countrymen. Since, the ayurvedic medicines required for common medical disorders such as cold, cough, stomach pain, etc., can be prepared from household edibles like turmeric, honey, clove, etc., this system is extremely popular in India. However, the ayurvedic treatment can cure the most complex diseases such as hepatitis through various herbs. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev also popularises the ayurvedic treatment by prescribing several easily available or homemade ayurvedic medicines. The importance of ayurvedic treatment had been emphasised even by allopaths such as late Sir Charles Pardey Lukis (1857 – 22 October 1917), the inaugural editor of the Indian…