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How the Indian higher education system (i.e., university) can be improved?

Although the Indian higher education system has been a popular medium that attracts students from all over the world (universities such as JawaharLalNehruUniversity), it still needs to be improved drastically. It is so because many Indian students go abroad to seek the higher education. Their reason could be to settle down in those countries where they go for the higher studies; however, many students leave India because the system of higher education is in poor state, as they return to the native country after their studies are completed.  
The first and foremost means to improve the system is to implement the schemes and plans that are run by the Government of India in this regard. Another option is to add new infrastructure to the existing one. This is a fact that the number of institutions, universities and collages that offer quality higher education is very less compare to the ever-increasing number of students seeking higher education. The government is doing its bit in this reg…

Do you need to have knowledge of the subject matter you are editing?

Having the knowledge of the subject matter definitely gives some advantage to an editor. However, that is just a superficial aid, because either way, the first requirement of editing is that that you have to read the text or content assuming yourself as end reader or a layman, who does not know anything about the subject he/she is reading. What matters is that the content should be grammatically correct, error free, coherent, well illustrated and consistent. As a reader-editor, you should not get stuck in between the text, while reading. In addition to the aforementioned factors, there are some other factors that prove that you need not to have the knowledge of subject matter you are editing.
Editing Tools
Syllabus, in-house editing manual, style sheet, editorial board/team, both manual/hard copy and online references, spelling checkers, subject-matter experts in your editorial team, the EPR [Editorial Proof Reading] team, which will help in resolving any and every formatting issue, and…