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When you discover you have the talent of writing

When you discover you have the talent of writing, then comes a very different kind of feeling. It seems that you have got the news that a new child is born in the family. The talent of writing is to keep forever. That said, it is a reality that it is extremely hard to keep it; you have to really devote the time and personally look into its growth and development.
The maintenance of the talent of writing calls for an immediate, sustained, regular, and extremely careful attention. Otherwise it will relegate to a weaker position in the crowd of the pre-existing talents.
When you realize you have the talent of writing, you get a reoccurring feeling that you want to write something excellent and creative so that readers admire it. Thus, the talent of writing entails the thought to display it. It is but natural. It is just like the feeling that a mother gets when the child is born to her. At the time of the childbirth, there is an instant urge in the mother’s heart that everyone in the fami…

What do I expect from Arvind Kejriwal?

Arvind Kejriwal has just established a political party. This is really a good sign and I congratulate him for this; I also regret for being late in congratulating him. With the establishment of his political party, although the name of this party remains undisclosed, he has been making political allegations against every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the ruling party in India, or is related to this party in some way or the other. This fundamental task of identifying the corrupt persons, officials, and ministers is seen as the first and primary task of his political party. This, Arvind Kejriwal and his team think, could be an election-winning issue and help in gaining power in a state or at centre.
Well the abovementioned actions do tell us all that Arvind’s political party is determined to identify the corrupt people, bring them in front of investigating agencies, and see that they get punished for whatever wrong they have done. However, when we look at all this from a bigger perspective, we…


Yes folks! Essay writing is not rocket science. It is much more difficult than that. Really!
Scientists spend months in calculating as to when to launch a rocket, what should be its weight, what should be its inclination, what should be its speed, what should be its distance, etc. They make several teams of scientists and experts for calculating these essential facts. They seek weather reports for the day of rocket launch, and almost a month before and after it. They collate all these facts, and much more of the information, and then decide about the time and place of the rocket launch. They seek support from the government. They take defense measures, they seek help from various departments such as foreign affairs, environment and forest, home ministry, etc. They prepare the best possible safety measures so that in case of an accident, they are able to save the human lives that could be affected by the accident. They use the most advanced instruments in the scientific calculations, an…


Human life is precious. Hindu mythology asserts that after a long wait one is born as a human being. It adds that, therefore, we should do such deeds in our life which help us to be born as the human beings in our next birth. In order to attain such a domain, it is important we live our lives in a balanced and harmonious way in this world. The identification and a good understanding of the four basic aspects of our life help us in live our life in a balanced and harmonious way. The four basic aspects of our life are: physical, financial, social (emotional), and spiritual.
Physical aspect is the first aspects of our life. Our journey towards a good spiritual aspect and harmony begins with a good and harmonious physical aspect. The physical aspect includes good health, body-mind harmony and a disease-free life. Regular exercise, especially yoga, helps us attain and sustain a good physical state and thus powers our journey towards a good spiritual state.
Financial aspect comes next to the…


In the field of essay writing, as a beginner, it is essential to have ample confidence in your abilities. In addition, to sustain this confidence until you acquire good essay writing skills is extremely important. Therefore, to start with, it is advised that you pick up some easy essay topics and gradually start choosing some difficult ones.
Here is a list of 50 essay topics for the beginners. The topics range from very easy, to easy, to difficult ones. It is advised that you start from the very easy topics and gradually move towards the difficult essay topics. The word limit for these topics is 350—450 words. The list of essay topics for beginners is as follows:
My father/mother/brother/sister/grandfather/grandmotherMy petMy schoolMy favorite teacherMy city/town/villageMy new dressMy favorite dish (food item)My first train rideMy countryMy favorite sports activity/gameMy first day at new class/schoolMy best friendMy favorite bookMy favorite hero/heroine/role modelMy favorite festival…


Essay writing usually starts at the secondary-level classes. The task of writing essays continues until you study and depends on the choice of the subjects such as literature. However, it has been observed that in other subjects as well, except numeric ones, the students have to write “essay-type answers.” However, here we will discuss the requirements of writing essays at the beginners’ level. This does not mean that the tips given here do not apply to the students of higher secondary, college, and those preparing for the competitive exams.
Usually, students have to write essays in a prescribed word limit. This word limit ranges from 500 to 1500 words per essay. Those students who develop their writing skill feel more comfortable while writing essay than the students whose writing skills are dormant. Since writing essay is an essential part of the current education policy, it is important to acknowledge the importance of good writing skills, especially essay writing skills. Here, we …


Once the UPSC aspirant qualifies the preliminary examination, the he or she has to write the mains examination. The essay test [the written exam for essay] is one of the most crucial exams in the UPCS mains examination. The essay test carries 200 marks and plays extremely important role in deciding the rank in the UPSC mains examination. And a good rank in the written exam certainly plays an important role in the final ranking, the merit list announced after the results of the interview are declared. Therefore, writing a reasonably good essay is extremely important in the UPSC mains exams.
Now, the question is how to write a reasonably good essay. Well, there are several coaching centres that help you in developing the skills required for writing a reasonably good essay. In addition, there are guide books, text books and bestsellers that instruct you to develop the aforementioned skill. However, all this does not actually help most of the UPSC aspirants in writing a reasonably good ess…


Writing an essay has become a common trend these days. You have to write an essay if you are preparing for the entrance exams for the government jobs, or taking admission in any university for the advanced studies. Writing a satisfactory essay is also a difficult task, as many believe. Despite the quality and quantity of the content of an essay, the organization of an essay plays a vital role in its assessment and subsequent selection of the candidate. Well, there is already so much of guidance about how to generate good quality content for a limited word essay. Here, we shall discuss the major task of organizing the content of an essay.
Produce more
For organizing the content of an essay, you have to develop leverage. That means, you should have more content, i.e., more number of words, to throw away in order to retain and further polish the best of what you write down when you write an essay. For example, if you have to write an essay of 1000 to 1200 words, you should write about 150…

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is a beautiful and amazing building. It was built by Mughal Emperor Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal is a masterpiece of a great work of contemporary art and architecture. The building of the Taj Mahal spreads an amazing ambiance full of love and happiness. The visitors, tourists, and locals all feel the strong affect of love and happiness. When people enter the lawns of the Taj Mahal. They just amazingly look at the main building and forget, for the time being, their problems and other worldly affairs. 

Their eyes just get fixed on the main building and as they travel through the beautiful lawn at the Taj Mahal; they really feel the fragrance of beautiful flowers. As soon as they climb the stairs to the main building, they reach the main door at the Taj Mahal from where they can look at the stone work on the walls of the Taj Mahal. The variety of stones, the design in the stone, the colours of the various kinds of stone, all have a magi…


Just a week ago, the central government had increased the prices of petrol in the country. The decision brought immense pressure on the state governments as to do something in order to give some relief to the citizens. The best thing that a state can do something about the price of petrol is to decrease the tax on the same. In this way, due to lesser tax, the price of petrol will automatically in a particular state.
Showing the willingness to give relief to its citizens from the increased prices of petrol, the Delhi Government, led by Sheila Dixit, has taken am welcome step by decreasing the value added tax (VAT) on petrol. This will decrease the price of petrol in Delhi. Therefore, at every filling, the petrol users will have to less than what they used to pay after the prices were increased by the central government.

However, at the same time, the Dixit government has increased the VAT on the compressed natural gas (CNG). Due to this, the prices of CNG have increased by a little les…

Government already has many apples in its hands

What will happen if you are asked to pickup and hold or keep as many apples as you can in your hands from a big basket full of big-sized apples? Of course, you will be able to pick up apples according to your capacity, i.e., according to the size of your hands. 
Similarly, the current Indian government has been facing several issues, and is seriously trying to resolve them during the limited tenure it has. Some of the major issues that the government is trying to resolve at present are: a). the issue of pilots who have gone on a strike, b) the issue of corruption charges on its ministers, c) the issue of keeping a good working relationship with its coalition partners, d) the issue of price rise and inflation, e) the issue of getting the Lokpal Bill passed in both the Houses, f) the issue of decline in the value of rupee in comparison to dollar, g) the issue of FDI in the retail market, h) the issue of ending Naxal terrorism, etc. etc. This means we can simply say that the current gover…


Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have reached the finals of the fifth edition of the DLF-IPL. Their journeys to the finals have been amazing as both the teams have seen ups and downs during the league matches. However, they really stepped up their games once they reached the qualifier round and defeated the opposition comprehensively.

KKR has reached the finals of the DLF-IPL for the first time. Thus, it of course is a great opportunity for this team to prove all the popular predictions wrong and defeat CSK, the two time champion of the DLF-IPL series. However, CSK are the favorites and have the advantage of playing the finals at their home ground.

Due to the performances of the major players in both the teams, it is really hard to predict the winner right away. However, the winning of the final will certainly depend on the performance of the players who have not performed to their expected levels. In addition, the condition of the pitch will as usual play a m…

How to write about a theme

The importance of a particular theme is as important for a writer as water for the fish. Almost every kind of content that is available in the market and on the Internet is based on a particular theme. For example, Aamir Khan's latest TV show, Satyamev Jayate, is the latest hit on the small screen. Just think how millions of people react to the show. Why do they do so? It is of course not because of the celebrity, because if they have to admire Aamir Khan, they would rather watch his movies. Actually, what is important in this show is its theme. In every episode, he comes up with a social issue, discusses it by giving examples, displays the data related to the social issue, meets those who are working for the eradication of the social evil, and pledges for further action in this regard. That's a way to represent a theme, and the theme is the "social evils" in the country.

Thus, we see that the theme is very important for the content, be it video, audio, written, or s…

Blast Away Attention Busters

Short-term goals and attention busters
Suppose you are playing a match of cricket in the street or the lawn of your home with your friends. Your mom calls you for something. What is your first reaction to the call? Most of you would say, “Yah, Just coming.” Just consider another example. Suppose you have arranged a date with your lover. In order enjoy the time with your lover thoroughly, what do you do? You just switch off your mobile as you do not want your attention to be diverted (busted) because of unnecessary, as well as necessary, calls. Same happens when you are present at an office meeting, where you have to do a presentation which will play a critical role at the next promotion. You just concentrate on the presentation, and nothing else. You really do not allow your attention to get diverted or busted; rather, you guard it at any cost.
The aforementioned are the examples of everyday life. These examples prove that we all know the value of attention and practice the art of guar…

When there is not thought about what to write....

....then you should still start writing...and continue writing till you get some reasonable thought to develop upon. It may initially seem awkward, but it is the way to make a road where there is none. Actually, it is very simple. By forceful writing you tell or rather instruct your lazy mind that you want a good thought to develop upon...and after an effort worth it, the mind obeys. 
To start with, you can write whatever comes to your mind, such as:
``Today my mind is a bit lazy. It is not responding to what I want to do. I want to write, but it is not suggesting any topic to develop upon. However, I have decided that I will make a good effort in this regard. I will see that when I get up from my table, I have a write up in my hand and post it on the Internet. This is the only valid solution to this problem. And I shall really get this deal closed in my favour.....(You can continue writing and develop on this basic structure.)
Within two minutes of such a starting, you will reali…


Students are requested to first try to solve the test papers on their own, and then see the answers provided herein for the verification of the answers (SHOWN IN RED COLOUR) which they arrived at. Although utmost care has been taken while listing the answers, students are requested to bring about error, if any, in the same. 

1.When Aurangzeb died, he was …………… years old. a.86 b.87 c.88 d.89 2.After the execution of ……………., Saiyid brothers raised in quick succession Emperor Rafi-ud-Darjat, Rafi-ud-Daula, and then Muhammad Shah. a.Hussain Ali b.Abdulla  Khan c.Farrukhsiyar d.Saadat Khan 3.Jahandar Shah was the leader of a.Irani group b.Muslim group c.Hindu group d.Maratha group 4. What is correct about Saiyids? a.They were descendants of the Prophet. b.They did not play any major role in the Mughal politics. c.They were active from 1690 to 1698. d.They represented reformist interests. 5.In ……………, the Nizam was appointed as Wazir at D…


The following is an effort for extending a helping hand towards UPSC aspirants. This is a set of a model test paper. The questions are based on a particular topic that has been mentioned above. These are multiple choice questions as are asked in the UPSC exam. These questions are also helpful for the other competitive exams held in the country from time to time. The students are required to answer them based on the best of their knowledge and ability. The questions include some very easy, easy, hard and very hard queries on the particular topic. It is hoped that students will find this test engaging. The answers to these questions will be provided in next two days, along with a new test.

1.When Aurangzeb died, he was …………… years old. a.86 b.87 c.88 d.89 2.After the execution of ……………., Saiyid brothers raised in quick succession Emperor Rafi-ud-Darjat, Rafi-ud-Daula, and then Muhammad Shah. a.Hussain Ali b.Abdulla  Khan c.Farrukhs…