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In India, we have a powerful transparency tool. It is called the Right To Information (RTI) Act. The Government of India has made it compulsory for all government offices and enterprises to implement the RTI act. With the passage of time, all government transactions, businesses and operations have fallen under the scanner of the public view. The general public can now raise queries and inquire about what’s going on in a particular government office at a particular time regarding a particular task. The power of this information is amazing. In a short span of time, a lot of RTI activists have established themselves as active participants working to put responsibilities back on the shoulders of the government servants for completing the referred tasks as soon as possible. The RTI act has revolutionized the government-public interaction. At the international level, India is now considered as a progressive nation-state that values transparency in the public works. The RTI act has also led …

100 Ancient Indian History Multiple Choice Questions - I

The following are 100 multiple choice questions of the ancient Indian history. These could be useful for the aspirants of UPSC and UGC. Readers are encouraged to solve them. To acquire answers of these questions and to submit any remarks or feedback, feel free to contact at Always mention the question paper code (given in bold letters) in any kind of correspondence. 

Question Bank – 1 (Code – 14-02AJ001) Ancient Indian History

1.The famous oriental scholar of Germany, Max Muller, belonged to the school of philologists of a.18 Century b.19 Century c.20 Century d.21 Century 2.Who wrote Ancient India from the Earliest Times to the First Century AD (1914 published)? a.Max Muller b.E.J. Rapson c.Adolf Kaegi d.E.B. Taylor 3.‘Zend’ was the language of a.Indian Aryans b.European Aryans c.Persian Aryans d.Central Asian Aryans 4.Brahmavartta  was the a.Land between river Sarasvati and Drsadvati b.Name of an Aryan king c.Land in ancient Kabul d.A noted prime minister in Mahabharata 5.Ariana…