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Features of Good Topic

What is a good topic? Beginners often find themselves engaged in trying to answer this question correctly and exactly, discussing it in a group of fellow writers and experts. This of course is an important question to answer, for an exact answer will help them create the good piece of writing and subsequently, it will create immense value for the readers.
It is always wise to take a step towards the answer, i.e., to explore the solution of the problem you are dealing with. Hence, it is always good to define the basic features of the problem, i.e., the features of the good topic, so that it breaks up into several pieces. Then it is easy to deal with each of these pieces and make a surge in tilting the struggle towards ourselves. Hence, it is good to jot down a couple of basic features, which can be possibly applied to every kind of writing, and see the question ‘what is a good topic?’ through them, and witness that the identification of the good topic becomes easier.
Some of the basic …