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Essay writing usually starts at the secondary-level classes. The task of writing essays continues until you study and depends on the choice of the subjects such as literature. However, it has been observed that in other subjects as well, except numeric ones, the students have to write “essay-type answers.” However, here we will discuss the requirements of writing essays at the beginners’ level. This does not mean that the tips given here do not apply to the students of higher secondary, college, and those preparing for the competitive exams.

Usually, students have to write essays in a prescribed word limit. This word limit ranges from 500 to 1500 words per essay. Those students who develop their writing skill feel more comfortable while writing essay than the students whose writing skills are dormant. Since writing essay is an essential part of the current education policy, it is important to acknowledge the importance of good writing skills, especially essay writing skills. Here, we will discuss the five essential essay writing tips for the beginners.

    1. Write a page everyday: Comparing with the others subjects that students study, such as Math, English, Science and Social Science, essay writing, or just writing, is not given any importance, generally. Therefore, it is essential to write everyday at least a page. This single page writing does not have to be writing on an essay topic; it could be general writing, for example, if you use a study table, just write the features of the study table, or what features you would like to add or remove in it. This kind of writing will build the writing muscle in your brain. Gradually, you can turn your attention towards writing essays on the selected topics. 
    2. Seek teacher’s help: Since you write, you need somebody to read what you write, and also provide you with basic feedback about what to improve and what to cross out from your writing. This should be done in the most humble and gentle manner and remember, your teacher is there to help you learn. Therefore, request your teacher to give honest opinion about your writing. Note it is an opinion about your writing, not essay writing, which will come later. You can seek such an opinion when you are confident about your writing or have practiced daily writing at least for a month. This feedback will help you improve the writing, which will consequently help you acquire good essay writing skills.  
    3. Write essays on previously asked topics: Arrange some previously asked essay topics. Chose a topic on which you feel comfortable and confident. Write an essay on it. Seek a feedback. Rewrite that topic. Later, write an essay on the topic you feel would be difficult to write on. And rewrite and then seek guidance and opinion. Gradually you will observe a sea change in your essay writing skills. This will increase your confidence about writing essays.
    4. Learn language skills and grammar: It is advised to follow a good grammar book and develop the skill of making good sentence structure with its help. Gradually, you should learn the art of using idioms and phrases, phrasal verbs, etc. in the essays you write. These will embellish the essay and turn an “average” essay into a “very good” essay.
    5. Use good vocabulary: Just like good grammar and sentence structure, expressive thought, handling of a topic and coherency, a good vocabulary plays important role in improving the quality of an essay and pushes you far ahead of your fellow students. Therefore, improve your vocabulary and incorporate the use of good words in your essays. This can be done with the help of any of the basic word power improving books available in the school or public library.
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These basic essay writing tips will improve the quality of essays and increase the confidence of the students. 


  1. Excellent writing tips. I was helping my sun with her applications not too long ago.
    Essay Writing

    1. Dear Martin

      Thanks for your apperication.


  2. This informative guideline denotes a great deal a person like me and a whole lot more to my colleagues. Best wishes; from all of us.

  3. Before starting a essay writing ensure that you understand the topic completely. Know your requirements regarding the entire topic. Don't suddenly started without knowing the about the topic.

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