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Ayurveda is a system of medicine. It evolved in India several thousands of years ago, i.e., Atharva Veda mentions several diseases and their treatment. In around 7th century AD, the ayurvedic treatment system was formally organised and several classical books of this system were written. Today, the ayurvedic treatment is practiced by many countrymen. Since, the ayurvedic medicines required for common medical disorders such as cold, cough, stomach pain, etc., can be prepared from household edibles like turmeric, honey, clove, etc., this system is extremely popular in India. However, the ayurvedic treatment can cure the most complex diseases such as hepatitis through various herbs. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev also popularises the ayurvedic treatment by prescribing several easily available or homemade ayurvedic medicines. The importance of ayurvedic treatment had been emphasised even by allopaths such as late Sir Charles Pardey Lukis (1857 – 22 October 1917), the inaugural editor of the Indian Journal of Medical Research and the then Director-General of the Indian Medical Service. Once, speaking on Ayurveda, he said, “We (allopaths) are just emerging from the slough of empiricism. Personally, I would frankly say that if I were ill, I would prefer to be treated by a good vaid (the practitioner of the ayurvedic treatment) than a bad doctor.” [1] The popularity of Ayurveda can be established by the fact that recently, the Government of Kerala has appointed Tennis legend Steffi Graf as the Ayurveda brand ambassador.[2]  

Today, there are several small and a few big companies like Dabur, Zandu, Baidyanath, Himalaya, Charak, Aimil, Vicco, Jiva, etc., in India that manufacture ayurvedic medicines. The combined revenue of these makes a huge sum since just Dabur group’s revenue was over `7800 crores by the end of 2013–14. [3] In addition, the government and private research institutes also promote establishment of ayurvedic colleges and universities along with hospitals. Thus, at present India is a hot destination for the ayurvedic treatment and successfully facilitates medical tourism.  

Jiva Ayurveda is an Indian manufacturer of ayurvedic medicines. However, its mainstay is ayurvedic treatment, which most of the other companies still don’t offer. Jiva, through its network of Ayurveda clinics, offers treatment for the chronic diseases like joint pain, stomach problems, diabetes, mental disorders, liver and skin diseases and infertility. Jiva has a strong team of ayurvedic doctors and consultants treating more than 5 million patients across the globe. Jiva is also a pioneer in ayurvedic telemedicine. Through this service, the Jiva doctors identify patient’s health needs and recommend herbal medicines and products, which are delivered at the patient’s doorsteps. Jiva has manufactured more than 300 ayurvedic products. [4]

In 1995, Dr Partap Chauhan Ayurvedacharya, the founder of Jiva Ayurveda, started world’s first online ayurvedic clinic named He also won United Nations’ “World Summit Award” for his commendable effort in Teledoc project on rural medicine. In addition, he has won several awards, writes health-related articles in various newspapers, is a visiting facility in several universities and conducts TV shows such as Eternal Health, Sanjeevani and Jivananda broadcasted on a number of channels such as Zee Jagran, News 24, etc.



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