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How the Indian higher education system (i.e., university) can be improved?

Although the Indian higher education system has been a popular medium that attracts students from all over the world (universities such as Jawahar Lal Nehru University), it still needs to be improved drastically. It is so because many Indian students go abroad to seek the higher education. Their reason could be to settle down in those countries where they go for the higher studies; however, many students leave India because the system of higher education is in poor state, as they return to the native country after their studies are completed.  

University of Delhi
The first and foremost means to improve the system is to implement the schemes and plans that are run by the Government of India in this regard. Another option is to add new infrastructure to the existing one. This is a fact that the number of institutions, universities and collages that offer quality higher education is very less compare to the ever-increasing number of students seeking higher education. The government is doing its bit in this regard; however, the participation of the private business houses and big corporate houses can be a boon in the quick development of the infrastructure for the higher education.

Today, students do not seek only the classroom studies or the best laboratory facilities. To add value to the higher education, it is required to offer on-the-job training that is highly sporadic in India. The government, in partnership with the industry and business groups, can open the doors to such a facility and this will certainly cover up a big shortcoming of the higher education system in India.  

Another important means to improve the system is to bridge the gap between the increasing number of students and the limited number of lecturers and professors. This has been a consistent problem for the last decade and has taken a ugly turn with the awareness about the importance of higher education in this time of globalization among the Indian students, as they do not want to be left behind and remain bereft of job offers from MNCs just because they are not competent enough and do not possess the degree of higher education.

Corruption is another problem that has rendered the higher education system of India hopeless and weak. Recently, it was disclosed that the University Grants Commission (UGC), the care-taking body of the higher education in India, has offered affiliation to many undeserving private educational institutes. This showed poorly on the part of the UGC. In addition, this discloser gave a big jolt to the dreams and hopes of all those students who were enrolled with such institutes. However, the government announced to recognize their degrees and warned the institutes against further enrollments. If this is the state of higher education system, how can those students, who cannot make it to the merit list of the government-run collages, think of fulfilling their dreams; this calls for the corrective measure as soon as possible.


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