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Sorry Aarushi

Late Aarushi Talwar

With what has happened recently in the Aarushi murder case, I can only say, "Sorry Aarushi." When the makers of the Constitution of India, or the Government of India, in past, would have decided to establish the chief investigating agency of this country, the Central Bureau of Investigation [CBI], they would not have thought that one day, its acts would bring shame on them and it would, ultimately, become an agency that would victimize those who would come to take its shelter. Actually, this is exactly what has happened in the Aarushi murder case. Late Aarushi was a bright and loved child of her parents. They had attached many hopes on her. However, as it was predestined, Aarushi was sexually abused and then killed. The responsibility of finding out her killer was handed over to the CBI.

After taking enough time, today, the CBI says that it has failed in finding out and identifying Aarushi’s killer. Had it kept the probe in this case on, it would have been fine, as the society at large, and Late Aarushi’s parents in particular, would have thought that destination is near, and in some more time, the murderer would be identified by the CBI. However, their hopes have been dashed by the demand made by the respected CBI director not to carry out further investigation in this case. This demand is not less then the further victimization of a dead person. Does CBI have this (the victimization of dead people) as any of its duties?

The parents, school friends, neighbours and relatives of Late Aarushi along with me, who does not have any link with her at all except being a member of socially conscious part of our society, have come under deep shock. Especially, I feel a constant threat, as after all, I too have a daughter, who is just a kid. Nobody wishes ill for their children. And, in this moment, my emotional bend of mind is asking me to remain silent and see what happens next. However, my socially conscious and active mind is yelling at me for keeping silent, and is urging me to take up this matter as a personal mishap and express my views over it fearlessly.   

At this moment, I am also thinking that with such a dismal performance in the Aarushi murder case, the CBI has lost its chance of feeling proud because in future, a team of Discovery Channel may have contacted the respected CBI director to seek his permission to make a series of murder cases successfully solved by it, just like the cases solved by the FBI are telecast by the channel. With the stand taken by the CBI, this case would be remembered as a case that failed the objectives for which the CBI was established; a case due to which people’s trust over the CBI nosedived.

Further investigation in this case is as necessary as water is required by fish. Without identifying Aarushi’s murderer, the CBI does not have any right to close this case. How can the CBI have the courage of closing this case of murder without finding out the killer if it would have not done so had Aarushi been the daughter of any politician, a high profile personality, sports star, film actor or the CBI director? 


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