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What do I expect from Arvind Kejriwal?

Arvind Kejriwal has just established a political party. This is really a good sign and I congratulate him for this; I also regret for being late in congratulating him. With the establishment of his political party, although the name of this party remains undisclosed, he has been making political allegations against every Tom, Dick, and Harry in the ruling party in India, or is related to this party in some way or the other. This fundamental task of identifying the corrupt persons, officials, and ministers is seen as the first and primary task of his political party. This, Arvind Kejriwal and his team think, could be an election-winning issue and help in gaining power in a state or at centre.

Well the abovementioned actions do tell us all that Arvind’s political party is determined to identify the corrupt people, bring them in front of investigating agencies, and see that they get punished for whatever wrong they have done. However, when we look at all this from a bigger perspective, we find it all like a drop of water if comparison to the ocean, as our loved country has been facing so many other problems and issues. Some of the major ones are as follows: 

  • interruptions in smooth functioning of the Parliament, or non-functioning of the Parliament
  • inflation, especially increasing rates of diesel and petrol
  • economic decline (decline in GDP)
  • lack of education, particularly good institutions for advanced studies
  • lack of health and medical facilities for poor people
  • lack of a firm foreign policy, especially against our neighbours
  • delay in justice although courts and judges have been overloaded due to work pressure,
  • an election system that needs some reforms, etc.

May be it’s too early to demand from Arvind to public his and his party’s opinions on the abovementioned problems and issues, but sooner they come up with reasonable opinions, sooner they would garner the support from a wider base of thinking common man.


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