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Government already has many apples in its hands

What will happen if you are asked to pickup and hold or keep as many apples as you can in your hands from a big basket full of big-sized apples? Of course, you will be able to pick up apples according to your capacity, i.e., according to the size of your hands. 

Similarly, the current Indian government has been facing several issues, and is seriously trying to resolve them during the limited tenure it has. Some of the major issues that the government is trying to resolve at present are: a). the issue of pilots who have gone on a strike, b) the issue of corruption charges on its ministers, c) the issue of keeping a good working relationship with its coalition partners, d) the issue of price rise and inflation, e) the issue of getting the Lokpal Bill passed in both the Houses, f) the issue of decline in the value of rupee in comparison to dollar, g) the issue of FDI in the retail market, h) the issue of ending Naxal terrorism, etc. etc. This means we can simply say that the current government is already has its hands full of apples, i.e., we can safely assume that the current government is unceasingly trying to resolve all these, and many more, issues in its  remaining tenure.

With all good intentions and keeping the national welfare at the top, Baba Ramdev, the world famous Yoga Guru, has been demanding the government to declare all the Black Money as the National Property. This is a noble though since if the Black Money is brought to the nation, it can be utilised in various plans and policies of national development. However, this whole process seems complicated and time taking. It is not at all easy to bring the Black Money to India, first of all. Thus, by looking at the engagements of the current government, we can say that even if it takes up the task of bringing all the Black Money to the country by declaring it as the National Property, it will not be able to accomplish the task during the limited remaining tenure. Therefore, any extra apple will fall off its kitty (the issue of the Black Money will remain unresolved).   


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