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How to write about a theme

The importance of a particular theme is as important for a writer as water for the fish. Almost every kind of content that is available in the market and on the Internet is based on a particular theme. For example, Aamir Khan's latest TV show, Satyamev Jayate, is the latest hit on the small screen. Just think how millions of people react to the show. Why do they do so? It is of course not because of the celebrity, because if they have to admire Aamir Khan, they would rather watch his movies. Actually, what is important in this show is its theme. In every episode, he comes up with a social issue, discusses it by giving examples, displays the data related to the social issue, meets those who are working for the eradication of the social evil, and pledges for further action in this regard. That's a way to represent a theme, and the theme is the "social evils" in the country.

Thus, we see that the theme is very important for the content, be it video, audio, written, or spoken. As per the dictionary definition, a theme is "a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in literary or artistic work." Therefore, a particular theme is very important in every aspect. Before we discuss how to write about a theme, it is important that the theme is chosen after a careful deliberation and we are convinced that it is a core idea, which we can develop successfully and justify its all dimensions. For example, we all know what is the theme of Kamasutra. Vatsyayan, the author of this book, was highly convinced about the fact that he would handle the theme successfully. This is proven by the fact that till date, his work is referred to by many of us (it fully convinces us, isn't it) and has become a reference book for many such modern books written on that theme.

For handling a theme successfully, and writing about it with a reasonably good outcome, we should follow the following basic rules:

  • Be convinced: As discussed, we should be convinced about the fact that we would be able to handle the chosen theme successfully. There should be not doubt about it at all. If we are not convinced about the chosen theme, we will not be able to produce a content that will convince our readers about what we write.
  • Do research: Before attempting to write on a theme, we should conduct a research and read and absorb the pre-existing content on it. This will certainly benefit, and will have an influence on what we write. At times, if required, we can refer to the source of particular data on concepts. The research will give us confidence and make our concepts clearer.
  • Get reviews: Before publishing any content, we should review it ourselves. We may stumble upon some errors and undeveloped concepts. In case we have an access to an expert on the theme, we should get the work reviewed by him/her. This will bring in suggestions for further improvements in the copy and enrich it. If we do not have access to an expert, we should request our teacher, guide, any of the parents or friends to go through it and tell us about which part of the copy is good, and which is bad, and why he or she thinks so. We should repeat this process with at least three different persons who have different backgrounds. Magically, this process will add value to the copy since their suggestions would be remarkably near and common.

The practice of these rules will lead to the development of advanced rules/steps that will further aid in writing about a particular theme. Gradually, we will become experts in the particular chosen theme such as Ruskin Bond, who writes the children literature.


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