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Discovery of My Voice

A couple of months ago, I read a sermon by Osho. He had talked about the original voice within you. According to him our job is to find our original voice and sing our song aloud. Our job is not to die with our music still inside us, for it will be a useless life then.

What he meant to say is as follows:

When we are born, we are most influenced by our parents, especially by our mother. So when we grow up, the voice of our mother remains with us and most of the time we speak our mother's voice. This voice leads us to feel the fear and the negative aspects of challenges the life throws at us. For example, when we enter in a new business, we do feel what if we fail in our attempt. That's mother's voice, which always intends to provide unconditional love and care. The next dominant voice is that of our father. This voice empowers us to accept a new challenge and overcome it, prove our mettle (for example, write that medical/engineering entrance exam). 

The next voice that influences a person is that of the teacher. It could be the most frightening teacher we have come across, or the most humble one. Don't we still remember the name of our teachers and tell our kids their stories. Next in line are friends' voices. 

Then we enter into action-packed life of work/business/job/adult life. Then several voices take over our small humble personality. We start even cracking jokes based on different professions, even joke books are published (refer to any joke book on computers). 

Then marriage happens. Another new voice takes over our personality. We start speaking in the voice of our husband or wife. The mother thinking that my son is under full control of his new wife is the commonest example of it. 

Then Osho says that our original voice, with which we were born, remains deep under the heap of so many voices that dominate our persona. Thus our job is to dig deep within ourselves, find our voice, our music, and sing aloud. Only with this intention so many people, including myself, take up the journey of self discovery, self realization.    


  1. I think it is the explanation of osho's philosophy in our practical world. Is this really a topic with some conclusion, improvisation, any central idea which nobody understand or what?


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