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The purpose of the light

Yesterday, I realized that there is a dim light inside me. It has put me on the path of self realization and self discovery. I think the purpose of this light is very significant and visible to me. I also think that there is not just one purpose of this light; there are several purposes of it; its purpose is to fight and defeat the darkness within me, by darkness I mean to say I should know what all types of impurities I have and what are the ways through which I could release them and become permanently pure in my dealings with myself and others, in what I do and think and in what I intend to do; its purpose is to put me on the path of self discovery; its purpose is to help me find and proceed in a particular direction that takes me to the discovery of self; its purpose is to help me find a way, and if there is a wall on that way, I should make my a way through that wall with the light of self knowledge; its purpose is to make every day of life brighter and better; its purpose is to remind me about proceeding on to my destined path step by step at least once in a day and later on that activity will go on the auto mode; its purpose is to make me more alert and aware of myself and the people around me; its purpose is to make me find a master key to attain abundance in my life’s physical, financial, social and spiritual aspects; its purpose is to help me know who am I and what am I born for.

I think the above thoughts are working like what oxygen does to a person in an operation theater; it keeps the patient alive while the operation goes on. After this expression of the purpose, the power of the light inside me has increased and its impact has just doubled and I strongly feel that this dim light has become brighter, better, large, hotter, resilient, and sustainable. 


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