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After I have decided that I have to find my purpose of life, I think it’s the time to initiate the process. As far as my limited knowledge goes, it can be done by examining all my thoughts and activities, and see which one of them facilitates my progress on the path, and which doesn’t. This identification and recognition will further allow me to make a decision about which behavioral practices to keep, which to discard, and which to start anew; for example, the hobby of writing. I think I started writing about five – six years ago. But I did not take this habit  very seriously. People told me if I could develop it and become a skilled writer, there is no dearth of money. Even then I did not devote myself to develop this skill.

I think everything has its appropriate time to happen. As I did not take this seriously before, I am doing so now. It of course is the moment of extreme happiness for me. I am going to do which I did not do till date. I am going to examine why I write, what I want to write about, how can I do so, what are the sources I have that facilitate me in writing, how can I gather more resources, which distractions keep me away from exercising my hobby of writing and who are my audience. There are many such relevant questions that have filled my mind at present.

This kind of processing has never happened with me. I have never done this kind of questioning with myself. And this seems to be an off shoot of what is going on within me, the self realization self discovery and all such stuff, and thus this examination. 


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In the field of essay writing, as a beginner, it is essential to have ample confidence in your abilities. In addition, to sustain this confidence until you acquire good essay writing skills is extremely important. Therefore, to start with, it is advised that you pick up some easy essay topics and gradually start choosing some difficult ones.
Here is a list of 50 essay topics for the beginners. The topics range from very easy, to easy, to difficult ones. It is advised that you start from the very easy topics and gradually move towards the difficult essay topics. The word limit for these topics is 350—450 words. The list of essay topics for beginners is as follows:
My father/mother/brother/sister/grandfather/grandmotherMy petMy schoolMy favorite teacherMy city/town/villageMy new dressMy favorite dish (food item)My first train rideMy countryMy favorite sports activity/gameMy first day at new class/schoolMy best friendMy favorite bookMy favorite hero/heroine/role modelMy favorite festival…

Inner Voice: Immediate Issues of Life

Everyone has short and long term goals in his/her life. These goals may be to get thin, to earn and save lot of money, to have a beautiful girlfriend or a handsome boyfriend, to own a luxury car, etc.

Among all such mundane goals, there seems no requirement of interference of the inner voice of an individual. However, if you are under the spell of your inner voice, just like me, I advise you to arrange your goals. These can be fundamentally organised into short term goals and long term goals. 

On the basis of such a self-made arrangement, start focusing on your inner voice. Ask common and specialized questions to your inner voice about each of your desires. As I have got, you will also get some answers; some questions may not be answered at this point of time. It is a must-believe situation. Without trusting the inner voice, there is no other choice in such cases. Hence such an arrangement. 

A better way to deal with such a situation is to focus on your immediate, most important, urgent …

100 Ancient Indian History Multiple Choice Questions - I

The following are 100 multiple choice questions of the ancient Indian history. These could be useful for the aspirants of UPSC and UGC. Readers are encouraged to solve them. To acquire answers of these questions and to submit any remarks or feedback, feel free to contact at Always mention the question paper code (given in bold letters) in any kind of correspondence. 

Question Bank – 1 (Code – 14-02AJ001) Ancient Indian History

1.The famous oriental scholar of Germany, Max Muller, belonged to the school of philologists of a.18 Century b.19 Century c.20 Century d.21 Century 2.Who wrote Ancient India from the Earliest Times to the First Century AD (1914 published)? a.Max Muller b.E.J. Rapson c.Adolf Kaegi d.E.B. Taylor 3.‘Zend’ was the language of a.Indian Aryans b.European Aryans c.Persian Aryans d.Central Asian Aryans 4.Brahmavartta  was the a.Land between river Sarasvati and Drsadvati b.Name of an Aryan king c.Land in ancient Kabul d.A noted prime minister in Mahabharata 5.Ariana…