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Stable and Unstable Aspects

Since I have written about life, I would like to do it again. I have written that there are four aspects or dimensions of life: physical, financial, social and spiritual. These combine together to make holistic life. 

Thinking about my thoughts, going deeper into what I have thought previously, has now become my passion. And thus this revision. Now I see that there are tow aspects that influence all these surface level dimensions of our life. These are: stable and unstable forces. This means, our physical, financial, social and spiritual aspects are directed and determined by the forces of stability and instability. For example, if a person is fat today, and he remains more or less in the same shape next year, same day, then his physical situation would be considered stable. Another example: suppose a person earns fifty thousand rupees today in a month, and he earns the same amount next year same day, then he would be considered a person who has acquired financial stability. The same can be said about social and spiritual aspects. 

In contrast, if we talk about the instability, by which I actually mean change/flux/non-permanency, the surface level facts will change. A fat person would become slim, or more fat, within a year; similarly, a person's income may increase or decrease within a year.

If one makes a conscious decision to flow with the current of life, his life would be a result of changes he goes through. However, if a person makes a conscious decision to achieve a goal near to his heart, he will have to face changes and challenges offered by the unstable flow of life, influential people, places, events. This to me is to remain stable in any unstable situation of life; a trial to remain with a once-decided, unchangeable, stable, permanent goal. 

For example, (again I would like take my favorite example the Buddha and Mother Teresa), the Buddha took a conscious decision to find the truth of life; he struggled a lot initially; he really made his way through all troubles and stayed with his goal that was near to his heart. And what happened later; he found the truth of life; he gave commandments and theory and philosophy of life. Mother Teresa, on the other hand, stayed with the goal near to her heart; to serve the people of God; to care for the poor and diseased; she struggled a lot; but she fixed a stable goal for her life and remained with it for as long as she lived. 

And since my consciousness is increasing day by day, I also feel that there is something like that (like the Buddha and Mother Teresa), which is meant for me to take up; it is a due; I need to find it out and take action for it; or I may just stay like a sleeping man, and it would be revealed onto me one day. But I think making a conscious effort in this direction would be a wise idea; hence, this effort for self discovery, self realization, every day. I think it is possible to find such a goal and work on it. I am ready to receive it. And for the time being, I think that writing for life is a step that would take me nearer to the goal of my life. Thus this writing.


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